Wednesday, October 24, 2012

i keep trying to quit things. this week i am trying to quit sugar, so this morning i only had HALF a soy mocha. what?

anyhow, life is a little too busy at the moment (when is it not) and when life gets crazy I tend to try and fail to exercise some control over my like by trying and failing to restrict my diet. This is why i could never be an anorexic. see, right now i am eating a baked apple in bed. my roommate made it for me :)

today i posted this new comic:
and it did pretty well! which is exciting for me because sometimes Chuck is adverse to the comics that don't have much of a narrative and it bums me out. so... yay! also so there. HA.

this evening i went to a hippy dance party. turns out you can do the same glow stick raver dance with an incense stick.


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