Wednesday, October 24, 2012

i keep trying to quit things. this week i am trying to quit sugar, so this morning i only had HALF a soy mocha. what?

anyhow, life is a little too busy at the moment (when is it not) and when life gets crazy I tend to try and fail to exercise some control over my like by trying and failing to restrict my diet. This is why i could never be an anorexic. see, right now i am eating a baked apple in bed. my roommate made it for me :)

today i posted this new comic:
and it did pretty well! which is exciting for me because sometimes Chuck is adverse to the comics that don't have much of a narrative and it bums me out. so... yay! also so there. HA.

this evening i went to a hippy dance party. turns out you can do the same glow stick raver dance with an incense stick.


Monday, October 22, 2012

So I have decided to start this blog. Ta-da! Here it is.

My name is Dana and I am the lead singer of little,big.
I'm planning to blog here as often as possible about what is going on with me and the band. We shall see what happens!

So, we recently released our video. Here it is!   So far it has pretty good view-age! I know that Chuck will wish it had more, but I am hoping to keep my self happy with the number of likes and views we have thus far.
This week I am cleaning up a comic that I have drawn for wednesday. And then Monte (the fabulous star of our new music video) will be in need of a Halloween costume-

Since we didn't get into CMJ this year (cranky face) we decided to go see a new band. I picked Radical Dads... I think the reason is pretty obvious and they were super fun. So Chuck and I danced (I.E. we vibrated up and down and occasionally grinned at each other) and then said hi to them. I know this might be expected with a name like Radical Dads, but Radical Dads is super nice.

On Saturday we have a show at Pete's candy store for which I will be dressed as Debbie Harry and we will do one Blondie cover. Chuck doesn't seem to understand that I will be keeping my wig on for the whole set... but us ladies and some lads know that post wig hair is a disaster.